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    An Outreach of Stillwater Monthly Meeting of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends

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The Conservative Quaker world is becoming increasingly visible within the internet.  The following links will help you navigate through the many sites of interest.  Links to many individual websites may be accessed through the official sites of the respective Yearly Meetings.

These links change from time to time, and we are always looking for additional connections that help spread the news that Christ has come to teach His people Himself.  If you come across an internet link somewhere else that you think would be useful here, then by all means please let us know.

God's message comes through His cumulative revelation of Himself to His people, so tell us at our Contact Us page.

Conservative Yearly Meetings

There are three Yearly Meetings that identify themselves as maintaining the Conservative witness. All are located in North America.


 Independent Sites of Conservative Friends:
  • Friends in Christ (Primitive Quakers) A small group of Primitive Friends (Plain Quakers) in the United Kingdom, with some adherents and sympathisers in other countries.
  • Conservative Quakers Links, articles, forum (see below) from the perspective of a North Carolina Yearly Meeting member.
  • Christian Quaker Internet Mission  Planned and maintained by a member of Ohio Yearly Meeting who lives in Greece, this site "is a voluntary ministry of Christian Friends (Quakers) who want to fulfil the great commission given to us by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations."  (Matthew 28:19.  Forums, articles, internet links, etc.  Help this site grow!
  • Conservative Quakers of America   Essays, history, perspectives, and links to the growing worldwide community of Conservative Friends.
  • QuakerJane  A highly-visual website with perspectives on Quaker spirituality and the plain witness in dress, from a Conservative Friend's viewpoint.  History, literature, nuts and bolts.
  • QuakerAnne  Extensive essays on Conservative plain dress and plain living, plus children's stories, farm life, workshops, and retreats.
  • Chronicler's Minutiae  "A sporadic blog on affairs relating to Wilburite Friends, primarily Ohio Yearly Meeting."  Written by a prominent Conservative Friend, it contains essays on Quaker journals, the 2006 OYM Yearly Meeting, ministry, etc.  A growing project.
  • Casa Sobre una Roca--House Upon a Rock  A blog presented by a Conservative Friend:  "Turning Knowledge into Action:  considering how to increase the practice of what is right."
  • Quaker Ranter  A delightful assembly of essay, opinion, news, and controversy, put together by acclaimed (and in some circles, notorious) blogger Martin Kelley.  After all, he not only wears suspenders, but he's a vegan, too!  Updated frequently.
  • A Place to Stand  "I have been a member of North Carolina Yearly Meeting conservative for over twenty years... By trade I am a philosophy professor."  Very useful for those of us dealing with puzzling leadings.  Don't miss this one.
  • A Poor Wayfaring Stranger.  Quakerism and more from the perspective of a cat-loving member of North Carolina Yearly Meeting Conservative.
  • Mystics, Poets, and Fools  An Ohio Friend writes about God, dogs, and belly dancing.
  • A Friendly Hesychast  They found him in Mombasa.
  • PlainQuaker en Picardie Blog pour les amis quakers conservateurs de Picardie et de France. Il me semble désormais important de proposer un lieu sur le web où les nouveaux amis conservateurs de langue française puissent enfin se rencontrer et échanger d'abord de faison virtuelle...c'est l'objectif de ce blog...l'objectif second est avec de la patience la creation d'un petit groupe d'amis conservateurs à l'instar des amis conservateurs de l'Ohio. En Francais.
  • Silence Multiplied I am walking a Christian spiritual path that includes Quaker (Friends) meetings, membership on the Peace and Social Concerns commitee, daily Bible reading, contemplative prayer and meditation. I have always been a seeker, always full of questions. My life is a wonderful and mystic journey on the Way of Christ.
  • R. Scot Miller A Quaker blog loaded with theological musings, and rants about the Religious Society of Friends in general.
  • Over Forty and Gathering Speed A woman's journal of interesting oddments.


Information about Friends and Friends' concerns:

  • QuakerInfo:  "This site endeavors to present the Religious Society of Friends generally, not just from the perspective of any particular group of Friends or any particular point on the Quaker spectrum."  A vast website containing unique and original material about almost any aspect of Quakerism you can think of.  News, history, opinion, forum, literature, etc.
  • Religious Society of Friends (  Extensive index of links to primary sites.   Organizations, writings, history, geneology, mailing lists, etc.
  • Quakerquaker:  QuakerQuaker is put together by a team of Quaker bloggers scanning hundreds of websites a day for interesting new posts to highlight.   The focus is on keeping a running tab on a very busy world of inter-related Quaker conversation on the Net.  This being virtually impossible, frequent visits are advised.
  • Quakerpedia:  A work in progress.  This online encyclopedia is in Wiki-format, which means it is volatile and written by submissions from the general public.  Look it over.
  • Quaker Faith and Fellowship:  "We believe that the existence of cyberspace today is allowing us all a means of pursuing meeting for worship in a simple and non restrictive open way, offering a cyberspace meeting for worship to whoever, whenever and wherever need is felt."


Forums and Interactive Mailing Lists

Conversation on the Net takes various forms:

In a forum, members visit the home page, sign in and then are presented with a master page listing a number of topics.  By clicking on a particular topic, you can read the entire history of a conversation on that topic, entry by entry.   Some conversations have dozens of participants and dozens of entries, and go on for a long time.  You visit the page to sign in and participate in the forum.  Forums make it easy to monitor activity on a topic over a long time, but can be complex for newcomers.

In an interactive mailing list, members subscribe to a master email address, and then send group emails to all other subscribers at once by addressing their email to the master address.  Mailing lists are easy to join and participate in, because all you have to know how to do is send an email.  But catching up on a conversation that started earlier requires visiting an archive file.

If you know of other forums and lists of interest to Conservative Friends, please let us know and we will  see about posting their addresses here.
  • QuakerInfo Forum:  (See Bill Samuel's site above).  This long-standing site is an excellent source for conversation on a very wide range of topics of interest both Friends and people who want to know more about them.  A very wide range of opinion, too.  Friendly.
  • Quaker-W Forum:  "A discussion list for anyone interested in ancient Christianity and the original message of Friends (Quakers). This is not a list for advocating other doctrines or engaging in detraction. We hope to learn from each other about ways in which the Lord Christ Jesus is active in our lives today and to grow together in the faith."  Irritable.
  • Conservative Friend Forum: Our own interactive forum, administered from this website. Sign in to discuss topics of interest to Conservative Friends and to others interested in Conservative Friends. Contributors come from a variety of Friends traditions, not just Conservatives, so don't necessarily expect to see Conservative views always presented.
  • Quaker Faith and Fellowship Forum  An interesting mix of opinion and locations.  Friendly.
  • Conservative Friends Group QuakerQuaker's always got something happening, and this conversational forum for Conservative Friends is just one of several you might find interesting.


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