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    An Outreach of Stillwater Monthly Meeting of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends

Here is how you can find us

Friends' Meetings for Worship are public events, and you are welcome to join us.  The largest congregation of Ohio Yearly Meeting is Stillwater Monthly Meeting, in eastern Ohio, U.S.A.  The address of the Stillwater Meeting House is 61830 Sandy Ridge Road, Barnesville, Ohio, 43713.  Our Meeting House telephone number is 740-425-9080.  For additional directions or information, please call 740-484-9001. 

Or contact our clerk: Thomas Rockwell,  (609) 610-7759,


SUNDAY:   Worship 10:30 am through about 11:30 am
First-Day School for adults at 9:30 am in the Meeting House.  (Generally Bible reading).
First-Day School for children 9:30 am through about 10:45 in the unmarked red wooden school building about 100 feet west of the Meeting House porch.  Children join the adults for waiting worship a few minutes after meeting begins.
WEDNESDAY:   Worship at 6:30 pm through about 7:30 pm.  We meet either in the main room of the Meeting House (warm weather) or in the unmarked red wooden school building (cool weather)
                                                                             Meeting House                                School building


The Stillwater Meeting House is located in Barnesville, Ohio, about 100 miles east of Columbus, and 75 miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Both cities have major airports.
  1. From I-70, take Exit 202 (Route 800) about six miles south to Barnesville.
  2. Turn left (east) on Route 147 at the stoplight in the center of town.
  3. Drive about 1.5 miles to the outskirts of town until you reach Roosevelt Road, where there is a large wooden sign on the right that reads "Stillwater Meeting of Friends, Home of Ohio Yearly Meeting (Cons.)."
  4. Turn right on Roosevelt Road, and drive up the hill 1/2 mile to the stop sign.
  5. The Meeting House is the very large brick building on the hilltop across the road directly in front of you.  Drive in, park anywhere, and enter from the porch.

In warm weather we meet in the very large main Meeting Room that you can see through the porch windows.

In cold weather we meet inside in a smaller room. To find us then, enter the main room through the porch door to right of the brass historical plaque.  Step into the kitchen through the unmarked gray door on your right, and enter the Meeting Room through the unmarked gray door on the other side of the kitchen.

Your children are especially welcome at our meetings, and infants are not expected to be quiet.  There are craft activities at the children's First Day School, and children's books and magazines at the rear of the Meeting Rooms.

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