yearlymeetingphotos yearlymeetingphotos Eastern Ohio--rolling hills, eastern deciduous woodland, strip mines. 60163975 The Yearly Meeting has been held in this town since 1878. 60163976 Attenders used to arrive by buggy. Now they come by old rusty trucks, among other things. 60163977 The youngest attenders provided more colorful transportation. 60163978 Attenders and delegates stayed in tents, campers, RVs, and in the adjacent Olney School dormitories 60163979 The Stillwater Meeting House was built many years ago, on this very spot. 60163980 Olney Friends School hosted meeting space, meals, and dormitory rooms. 60163981 The high school has helped host Yearly Meetings for almost 130 years, 60163982 The Activities Building held showers and pizza parties. 60163983 The Ohio Yearly Meeting Friends Center is a site for retreats, meetings, and social gatherings. 60163984 The Friends Center schedule is available on our News and Events Page. 60163985 Worship sessions were held in the old women's side of the Meeting House. We don't drop the shutters now except in the winter. 60163986 Business sessions were slow and unhurried. 60163987 Committee meetings took place anywhere there was a place to sit. 60163988 Some attenders found distances between buildings greater than did others. 60163989 The Porch has been a convenient stopping place for reflection, conversation, and rest for well over 100 years. 60163990 The Porch, I 60163991 The Porch, II 60163992 The Porch, III 60163993 The Porch, IV 60163994 The meeting for worship with a concern for business is still a meeting for worship. 60163995 At rise of meeting, everybody stretches and tries to remember where to go next. 60163996 Some attenders didn't want to be photographed. 60163997 The youngest attenders took over the Activities Building every morning. 60163998 And then departed for the library to check their email. 60163999 Henry Jason spoke to us on repentance. 60164000 Henry is a founding member of the Western Christian Friends Conference. 60164001 One of our most treasured traditions is ice cream after the evening sessions. 60164002 Some of us considered it the best part, and had firsts. 60164003 And then seconds. 60164004 Henry always brings a fascinating knowledge of koine Greek to any diiscussion of scripture. 60164005 Wess Daniels and his lovely wife converged on us Friday evening. 60164006 Candid, I 60164007 Our acclaimed Yearly Meeting Clerk, the formidable Seth Hinshaw. 60164008 The Porch, V 60164009 And VI 60164010 The excitement of being among like-minded Friends was too much for some members. 60164011 But they seemed to adjust after a while. 60164012 Pizza among the Young Friends is another Conservative tradition. 60164013 Wess Daniels temporarily abandoned vegetarianism in order to consume the excellent banana peppers. Martin Kelley demonstrates the presence of mind of the true journalist. 60164014 David Male, as usual, was high on God throughout the meeting. 60164015 Conservative children tend to resemble ordinary children at times. 60164016 Some couldn't be separated from the tricycles even by the pizza. 60164017 Others weren't so overwhelmed. 60164018 If pizza wasn't enough, then Oreos took over the day. 60164019 The raucous activity everywhere was loud and boisterous. 60164020 And attracted one of our Overseers to investigate. 60164021 Inside he discovered anonymous mayhem. 60164122 The Convergent Quakerism presentation on Friday evening starred David Male, Wess Daniels, and Martin Kelley. 60164123 There will be more discussion of this topic on this website soon. 60164124 Shawna Roberts had something to say also, as usual. 60164125 And as usual, was interrupted by the youngest of that clan. 60164126 Both worship and business sessions conclude with a handshake. 60164127 But some attenders were beyond caring at that point. 60164128 At the dinner bell, everybody had somewhere to go. 60164129 And if you went to the Olney lunchroom, the food was excellent. (Try their tandoori tofu next time). 60164130 The children's Saturday program concerned the banquet of the Kingdom. 60164131 And welcoming in those from the highways and byways. 60164132 Later, another segment depicted the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and what to do about it. 60164133 And we all took more pictures, but we're still getting organized here. We'll have more. 60164134